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Our Story

Foundation Football as the name suggests we are a structure for the development of a football base, we provide a platform that supports and encourages young people to enhance their game through a high-performance environment. Born from an idea, a dream, a philosophy and a vision for implementing innovation and change. We aim to make a positive impact in our community by giving players the right opportunities to develop their skills in order to prosper in society and thrive through health fitness and social parameters. In the environment, we create and through our methodology children improve rapidly which helps them perform and to gain self-confidence and enjoy the world game.

Foundation Football school is committed to principles that govern our values through the education of children in sports.  Our goal is to utilize education and coaching to assist others. To offer educational programs and to assist in the management processes (administration & technical elements) to improve and find ways to innovate pedagogical sports education practices.

Football development is a partnership represented by all parties. As the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child, our village is football.

About Foundation Football


Foundation Football Vision Statement

To educate and enhance the quality of learning, to improve the health and education of participants and to raise the overall standard of coaching through our methodology and curriculum. Over the years we have formulated our system of development based on research and education. We have learned that the environment plays a crucial role in the development of skills necessary to compete and excel in sports. Sport is an educational passion, a place of expression. It is through sport that one learns many life lessons and they do this indirectly by way of the game. We teach children to respect the game, respect their environment and their peers. We do this by focusing not only on how to play the sport with intelligence but having the principles of structure and discipline as a means to personal responsibility, which leads to self-actualisation. People who are self-actualized are unstoppable, namely the tendency for the individual to become actualized in their potential.

Physical education represents a form of education that values moments through body development, communication, the learning of movement abilities and skills that are favourable to the practising of physical exercises and moments during an entire lifetime.

Football education represents a component of general education which disposes of rules, forms of organisation and development for the optimisation of a bio-metric and psychic potential of the individual, in order to increase the quality of life.

Sports has the potential to represent a large part of our culture, being understood, from its beginning as an ideal means to maintaining health, to form a strong body and of course character, its main feature being that competition stimulates the desire to be known, accepted and implicitly, the obtaining of a high level of performances. This represents the valuing element in the symbiosis with physical education, both activities becoming permanent during the entire period of education of our young generation.

The fact that the formation of modern humans supposes their development from a physical, social, intellectual, ethical and aesthetic points of view must be kept in mind, in connection to the demands of our society and according to their aptitudes, thus leading to an increase in their standard of living and the forming of social psychological parameters in which today is an essential element of a child’s holistic all round development


Spanish Pro Football International Academy

SPF Sport Management is a company focused on the formation and development of footballers and coach works around the world. We promote individual progress through modern methods of training and analysis.

Specialized in the management, coordination and execution of projects for public and private entities focused on optimizing and managing sports activities and facilities. We create dynamic and attractive programs and events based mainly on football. We develop each project according to the needs of our clients, always encouraging the development and improvement of the sports skills of the users.


Foundation football has been conducting tours for over 8 years, our network partner Jorge Bermudez has over 15 years of experience hosting world-class tours and events. We work closely with Jorge to ensure that our tours are of the highest quality in all aspects. Foundations Football Tours specialize in educational, cultural and sporting events tours to Spain and Europe. We host our own packaged tours or we can cater a tour for your organisation. Clubs/Teams, Schools, Academies, Corporate.

Jorge Bermúdez Montero created SportsandTours.com to assist all global events, conventions, congresses and the tourism market providing staff support.  After 16 years of experience in events Jorge Bermúdez stands out in this market with added value in experience, quality, customer service, efficiency, achieving 5-star results in all projects. His professional career, as well as his experienced team positions, SAT as a young, dynamic and professional company. Having SAT as our hosts enable us to be extremely competitive in pricing, based locally in Spain with a wealth of networking relationships allows our planning to access transport, accommodation and ticketing to major events, clubs and world-class facilities.

In 2012  through their extensive network and relationship with FC Barcelona, we gained access to meet and watch the training session of Lionel Messi and his Barcelona Teammates. An incredible achievement and a remarkable day for the children from Australia who attended. A once in a lifetime opportunity.


Many children aspire to play the game at an advanced level. However, football is a highly complex game that requires many years to master the proficiency of elite-level play. The game today is much faster and more tactical than ever before. Less than 1% of the football population will make it to the top. So when you start to assess probability you must agree that there needs to be more to the game than just becoming a professional athlete. There are many reasons why your child should take their sport seriously but the main ones are the life lessons, sport when taken seriously is a healthy drug and becoming a professional athlete is the bi-product from years of good sports development.

The key period of development known as “the golden years” age 2-12 are crucial to laying a foundation for longevity in the sport. “A FUTBOL BASE”, We offer the participant a detailed curriculum which focuses on the individual without disrupting the importance of team ethos. It is during this key period that children develop Myelin more rapidly. Myelin is a sheath that covers the brains neuron connections. In children, myelin arrives in a series of waves, some of them determined by biological code, some of them dependent on activity. These waves last into young adulthood. Until this time, the brain is extraordinarily receptive to learning new skills.

Football participation has many levels we aim to help players who are very serious about their game. Players who want to compete at the highest level of the game are encouraged to join our classes. Our session are intensive and highly competitive.

Our coaches are working on the same system and principles. This means that we are all working together to achieve the same outcomes. Quite often in competitive football, the outcome is more important than the process, when this occurs the aim of the coach is to avoid mistakes, this leads to restrictions in the learning process which are crucial for the ability to think divergent.

Without creativity, players become robotic and rely on instructions from the sidelines rather than solving football-related problems through ingenuity. This type of play is produced with moderate freedom to explore the game. Our coaches are educated in our methodology and football development, your child will not be at the mercy of a parent coach with little to no football knowledge.


Join our team!

If you are looking to make a positive impact, learn and grow with our progressive and innovative approach to football education then we want you!

Foundations Football School vision is to create an institution that reflects a holistic and modern approach to creating unique opportunities for children to connect, improve and develop skills necessary to succeed in their ambitions.

We are currently seeking an experienced coach/s to join our team. We have positions available in the Hills District, Eastern Suburbs and the Western Suburbs of Sydney. There is an initial 5-week induction and training period. The right candidate would ideally be an excellent communicator, able to demonstrate, plan, prepare and organise training sessions using our FFS philosophy and methodology.

We are looking for someone who is able to make a long-term commitment, with the prospect of increasing the number of sessions and hours throughout the year as required.

You would require an ABN and necessary work clearances when working with minors. A current FFA accreditation is a bonus.
Contact Gus for more information on:

M: 0433156279.

E: gus@foundationfootball.com.au


Hi Gus,

I wanted to pass on my congratulations and few observations I picked up during the season.
When the season started some parents had expressed to me their hope that the teams would not get beaten badly and give up, but having been part of FS for a while now, I knew the results don’t entirely matter. Don’t get me wrong, we all want to win, and the primary focus is to make the kids the best footballers they can be, but with FS, it is more than that. Those same parents had changed their tune after seeing the kids play their first game.
Which leads me to my main reason for responding to your email, something for which I am proud to be a part of, and something I know you are proud to be a part of, and that is the sportsmanship and respect the FS family shows. I was able to see all the U15 matches, 1 of the U13 matches and 4 of the U11 matches. In every match, the kids displayed the behaviours that you have instilled in them through every training session. They always respected their Coach and Manager, the referee and other officials, and the opposition. But what was also pleasing is that those values and behaviours have transferred to the parents also. I do not recall any parent being overly vocal on the sidelines. They often applauded all the good play on the field, whether for our teams or for the opposition. The officials were often applauded and congratulated after the games it was extremely pleasing to see.
You and your coaching staff should be extremely proud of this season and we hope we can continue to have the squads for next year to build on the success this season.

Hi Gus

Just had to send you some videos on Marie practising yesterday. When she first started with you last year, she could only do 10 juggles on average with the right foot only. Even up to last week, she would try so hard and still only do around 40-50 on average both feet and maybe 90 on right foot only.
With your influence from your program, she continues to practice everyday and she finally does on average 200-300 on both feet and 250 on right alone. I just thought you deserve at least a thank you for what you not only do for my daughter, but to any aspiring individual. In partnership with my wife (and family) you have instilled a hard work ethic approach to reach your goals.
Not only working hard, but eating habits, quotes and videos you post and I download to show Marie.In the last 2 months, Marie is now eating healthy and actually has energy to burn. She now plays over 60 minutes in her games, as apposed to last year playing around 35 minutes and needing her asthma spray and to top that, she is playing in a higher grade as well.
Just a Massive Thank you


This is Alexander’s 4th year with Foundation Football and he always comes home with a smile after one of your training sessions. He couldn’t kick a ball when he started with you and in 2 short years, he’s already playing NPL and sky’s the limit because of your guidance and for the love of the game. Alexander is football, he eats, he sleeps, he thinks, he studies, he dreams, football!


By the way, I want to say thank you to you for your coaching and support.  Ryan has been enjoying so much the training on Wednesdays and Fridays.  He would love to go another morning session, but unfortunately, his school starts early and I am working part time so cannot make it.  He has been learning from the training not only the skills but also mental strength, respecting others, teamwork and lots more.

 Every Saturday he played for Wahroonga club team (not reps) and also for school as winter sports he chose. Ryan was awarded the most improved player in his team at school and the player of the team for the club.  The club’s  player of the team award was voted by his mates.  He is not an ace striker or a standout player, but he always plays nicely, fairly and constructs the team play.  I appreciate your hard work very much.

Thank you,


Dear Gus

I am writing to you in regards to my son Tyler who is a student at Foundation Football.
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for everything you have done for him and what a difference you have made in his development both as a footballer and a person.
I had noticed that in the offseason he would improve dramatically while attending your school, and then I would send him off to his club only to see him go backwards.
Last year he played for what is supposed to be one of the top clubs in Sydney, as I thought that it would be the best thing for him. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. He was practically destroyed by this club both emotionally and technically. There win at all costs attitude and the constant yelling of the coach at the boys, especially when they didn’t win left my son disillusioned and unhappy.
This year when I asked him where he wanted to play he told me “that he didn’t want to play for a team. That he only wanted to go to Gus”.
This had concerned me so I approached you and told you what Tyler had said. Your response was that if he didn’t want to play in a team not to force him to wait until he felt ready to play in a team again. So I took your advice, and it has been the best thing I have ever done for him.
Tyler has improved dramatically by only attending your school where he is most importantly happy but also feels free to express himself without fear. He can now take risks without the fear of punishment and abuse and this, in turn, has improved his technical ability. He has changed from being shy and scared to be confident due to your praise. He also takes feedback well, as instead of being yelled at your kind demeanour makes him take on board your comments and want to please you. I couldn’t ask for a better role model for him and it is not just me who has noticed the difference other parents who know him have commented on how much he has improved.
Words cannot express the impact of spending a year just with you has had on him and I would encourage any parent who cares about their child’s development to also take this approach and see the difference in your child. I am positive that they would be glad they did.
This year if Tyler doesn’t want to play in a team I would have no hesitation in leaving him in your capable hands.
Regards Kay
Update on Tyler is that he is now signed at Bologna FC in Italy – reupdate, at 17 years of age Tyler has been loaned to out to further develop his game, he is currently under the guidance of Argentine international Pedro Pasculi who was a world cup winner and teammate of Diego Maradona in 1984.

Hi Gus,

I am not very good when things come to an end, even a natural end as the football training must. Thanks very much for all the excellent training that you have provided over the years for Philip and William.  This is especially so with Philip.  I was thinking back that he has been with you for the whole period of his high school life, from the U12s at Marconi to the U18s at Sydney United last year.

He has never had a single teacher for that length of time!  But with Foundation it was always more than just football, there were valuable life lessons imparted along the way, both with personal goals, drive and determination and with general post-football and school life skills.  Thank you for all of this.

There have been many memorable moments in Philip’s footballing to date, but the one that sticks out for me is the very early morning phone call I received from an extremely excited 14-year-old who had just met the Barcelona team and the great player Messi!  Thank you for the opportunity for Philip to experience this and the excitement and enthusiasm that the experience engendered in his football.

Philip and William enter the next stage of their football and working lives now.  One where they will need to take charge and responsibility for their decisions and pathways.  Thank you for the foundations that you have helped to set and hopefully, they will use this to progress further in football and life in general.


Stephen Morris

Stephen spent the better part of ten years with our school. He started his humble beginnings with West Pennant Hills Soccer club. His work ethic and attitude quickly saw him progress up the development ladder. His dedication saw him play for some of the top clubs in NSW football, these include Marconi, Sydney Olympic and Manly FC. Today Stephen is plying his trade in the Spanish 4th division with Cheste FC. He is adapting to a new culture, learning a new language and working his way up the ladder in one of the most difficult and competitive football nations in the world. An update on Stephen he has now signed for a 2nd tier club in Wales.

Tyler Govoni

Tyler started with FFS at around 9 years of age. His mum Kay opted to stay out of the club system and in doing so, Tyler spent virtually all of his football development years with us. At the age of 12, Tyler began travelling to Italy to trial with FC Bologna. He impressed the club and then continued to spend a month every year for 3 years until eventually, the club decided that they would offer him a development contract. This year the club has loaned him out to one of their network clubs to give Tyler an opportunity to play more frequently against men in a more competitive league. Many clubs do this to give their young players greater opportunities to learn rather than play against kids their own age. At 18 he has now cemented a regular starting position for Real San Lazarro in Italy’s eccellenza division. His Coach is 1984 world cup winner and teammate to Diego Maradona Pedro Pasculli. Kays decision to move to Italy has paid off for Tyler, he loves it there and has no desire to return to Australia.