The Outlier!

Finding your purpose is not always so straight forward, some kids know what they want from an early age it may come from an event they saw or experienced and that turned into an obsession. For example, I recently listened to a science podcast where a NASA scientist said that the only thing she could remember from her childhood was seeing the moon landing it was from that moment she knew she wanted to work at NASA and be involved with space. The dream came to reality and she eventually headed a 30-year mission to send a spacecraft to Saturn! People who find their calling from an early age can often become outliers. These people generally are blessed to be born with a high IQ. For everyone else, myself included it is essential to ensure that you or your child do well in school. The fact of the matter is that if you want a better chance of success in anything, proper schooling is a prerequisite even for those outliers that operate outside of normal realms. 

The first thing we need to understand is that everyone is different, we are all “wired” in different ways and have our unique personality and characteristics. No one is better or worse than you, you are an individual, unique. Some kids may not do well at school, they may not enjoy academia, there are many reasons why this may be the case, perhaps it’s not their fault, perhaps the system doesn’t cater to their unique selves. Most likely the reason why this may be the case is that our school system is a one size fits all system.

So those with high IQ’s who are academically inclined do better than those who may be more physical in their learning capacity. So if your child does not want to attend Uni, pray that they learn either trade through TAFE or something that they will be able to fall back on if their intended careers do not pan out. Case in point Football which has very narrow odds. You also have to factor in the reality that playing football professionally in itself is only one small part of the journey. The body ages and young people soon step up to take your place, you can’t play forever so what will they do when their careers are over. They may want to still be involved in the game so there are several possibilities for gaining an education in sports science, journalism or coaching. Don’t leave it all to your child’s school you must be proactive with your child’s learning, some things are not taught at school which must come from you. 

I am a perfect example of someone who failed to plan for the future. When I retired I went into a depression for a few years. I ended up retiring 8-10 years earlier than what I had expected and when that happened I went from earning a handsome wage to barely scraping by, unable to find a job through lack of qualifications. Had I planned I could have easily started some course even if I did it part-time and I would have had a better chance in football. In the end, it was my network of friends that helped me out and eventually, my family and I decided we needed to move back to Sydney where there was more opportunity. It was then that I had learned a trade on the job and eventually opened and ran my own installation business. The problem there was that I had no formal business training, I learned what little I knew through trial and error and as such my business never grew. It relied on me 24/7. I realised many years later that I did not own a business. I owned a job and that job owned me!

Next February I will start my degree in business administration, it took some time and a little arm twisting from my wife who has been on my back to go back to school for 30 years to finally decide that enough was enough. I had to concede that I am not an outlier. I did not arrive here from another planet like Messi, I have not built a billion-dollar company like Elon Musk nor do I think that is who I want to be. My passion is the game, and my desire is to be involved in the game at the highest level. That’s is a goal that I am determined to achieve but this time I’m going to do it with an education!


                                                                         “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” -Aristotle


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